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S3.Google Translator

S3.Google Translator S3.Google translator translates the selected text, the introduction of any phrases or all web-site from any language to Russian

Detailded description:

S3.Google Translator is an addition to browser Firefox, which will make your visit will not Russian sites.   FAQ & Contact form:
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Supplement based on the public interface of / and therefore has at its disposal more than 50 languages, from which you can make the translation into Russian. Also enables auto-detection and the original language.   modify, when the load of the new feed init instead bind once every 2.5 seconds,
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The current version of one-way transfer: from any language to Russian.   In Firefox 1.0 and 1.5 the backspace key was used to go back to t
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Firefox add-ons in the pantry has many unique, simple and complex, but they all have one annoying feature: the translation of the selected text text formatting is lost. We S3.Google deprived of this trouble, and I hope you will be very useful.   IETAB 2 NOT WORKING WITH LATEST FIREFOX 9
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New in version 1.14:   The icon is automatically updated every
  Using Etacts, you can see lots of inform