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S3.Google Translator

S3.Google Translator S3.Google translator translates the selected text, the introduction of any phrases or all web-site from any language to Russian

Detailded description:

S3.Google Translator is an addition to browser Firefox, which will make your visit will not Russian sites.   Prevent the tooltip from hiding automatically
  Remove 'Bookmark Toolbar Folder' from th
Supplement based on the public interface of / and therefore has at its disposal more than 50 languages, from which you can make the translation into Russian. Also enables auto-detection and the original language.   These sentences are made by the automatic translation
  Special thanks to White Alice0775 for he
The current version of one-way transfer: from any language to Russian.   The Firefox add-on coupon from coupon circus keeps an eye out for you
  WINDOWS VISTA (Note: This Extension doe
Firefox add-ons in the pantry has many unique, simple and complex, but they all have one annoying feature: the translation of the selected text text formatting is lost. We S3.Google deprived of this trouble, and I hope you will be very useful.   Groowe plugins can be downloaded for many other sites like YouTUBE, IMDb, Technorati, Exalead, Clusty, Torrent sites, dictionaries, etc
  5] Not everyone will have /mc/ or /ym/ a
Web-page supplement:   Due to this often-recurring bug:
  How do I convert .flv files into other f
  It was designed to represent a numeric k
New in version 1.14:   Optionally save history of items sent to
  Note: the status bar has been removed in